LESE Race Relations Committee: Celebrate the Windrush Generation

Wednesday 26 June 2019
6 – 8.30pm

The LESE Race Relations Committee invite you to join them celebrate the Windrush generation and remember the suffering that the Windrush scandal has caused.
It is time for a change, in attitude, how people are perceived. The Windrush generation and their families did nothing wrong and do not deserve the treatment experienced.
Guest Speakers include:

Betty Joseph, Chair, LESE Race Relations Committee and NEU
Arthur Torrington, Windrush Foundation
Nairobi Thompson, Writer and Poet
Patrick Vernon, Social commentator and political activist
Peggy-Ann Fraser, Prospect BECTU and LESE Race Relations Committee
Scratchylus, Musician who promotes … Read on ...

Hands Off Venezuela!

CARICOM has stood firm over the handling of the crisis facing Venezuela. The Caribbean organisation and its 15 members deserve recognition and respect for the historic stand they have taken in defence of democracy in the Americas and should be applauded by all freedom-loving countries.
CARICOM’s position is all the more courageous for the dangers they face from a hostile, erratic and vindictive occupant of the White House. Their common historical experience of enslavement, colonialism and of imperialism’s support for some of the most brutal dictatorships the world has seen in the last century has served to remind them of … Read on ...

Celebrate 40 years of the Grenadian Revolution

Given the small size of Grenada – 133 sq. miles – population of 100,000 – and the lopsided and dependent economy that the British Empire had left on decolonisation, improving the economic performance of the country was always going to be an uphill struggle, with the only bonus being that the elimination of the previous government’s corruption gave an immediate boost to the exchequer.

The Gairy regime had left no database of statistics, indeed there was no mechanism for collecting any statistics. The only possibility for planning was the heavy involvement of the mass organisations, while opening the books to … Read on ...