Statement from Haitian Patriots

Haitian patriots living in several cities met on March 16, 2024.

We declare:

  1. The Haitian people’s sovereign right on their territory is absolute and sacred. Foreigners who violate this right are enemies of the nation. Haitians who help the enemy to violate Haitian sovereignty are traitors who will be punished as our ancestors and the laws of our country command.
    1. Core Group is persona non grata. Kenyan, Senegalese, CARICOM, Spanish…other mercenaries, you better remain in your own territory!
    2. Michel Martelly, Gilbert Bigio, Reynold Deeb, Izo (Johnson André), Dimitri Herard, Jimmy Cherizier (Babekyou), Vitelhomme Innocent, André Apaid, Guy Philippe … all criminals who broke prison walls and spilled the blood of innocent people must get arrested or be punished (bwa kale!)
    3. The only transitional government we will recognize is one that comes from Haitian leaders who do not have the blood of the people on their hands.
    4. #Haiti4Haitians #Haitians4Haiti #ArrestBigio #ArrestMartelly #BlackNationhoodMatters
  2. To defend the life of honest Haitians, we will fight against all wickedness until we disarm all criminals (foreigners like Haitians) and rebuild the legitimate defense forces of our nation.
    1. We have decreed ongoing mobilization to rebuild all legal forces (Police and Army) established to guarantee safety for everyone on our homeland, as required, without discrimination.
    2. Abolish all private militias that currently protect and serve criminal oligarchs, white imperialist forces and their accomplices.
    3. We seek due application of international law to force the United States and the Dominican Republic to stop invading Haiti with deadly weapons while these countries are harboring major criminals who have Haitian blood on their hands, in their territory (e.g. Bigio, Martelly…)
    4. #LivesAreSacred #CriminalsMustBePunishedl
  3. Relentless mobilization to expose and counter all malicious forces which gangsterized Haiti with the PHTK militias.
    1. We demand restitution and reparation from the governments of Core Group member countries, the United Nations, the OAS for multiple crimes they’ve committed against the Haitian people in history as well as in the present era.
    2. We open our arms to receive and offer solidarity to all struggling peoples such as Cuba, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Palestine, Venezuela… who are facing the malicious actions of the same klan of colonizers, land thieves which form the Core Group.
    3. #Stand4Haiti #JudgeClinton #JusticeDignityReparations4Haiti