Industrial Relations in the Caribbean – Ozzi Warwick

Leading trade unionist Ozzi Warwick will discuss the radical tradition of trade unionism in the Anglophone Caribbean, positing it as a dynamic theatre of class struggle. He examines the origins and struggles of this tradition, from the rise of the mass movement and its confrontation with capital and colonialism to developments in the ‘post-colonial’ context from the Grenada Revolution to the present day. He will examine current struggles in the face of the ecological crisis and the failures of neoliberalism to deliver for Caribbean workers, and concludes with political options for a paradigm shift in industrial relations in the Caribbean.

Ozzi Warwick, is a leading trade unionist in Trinidad and Tobago. He is a founding member and General Secretary of the Movement for Social Justice, Secretary to the Joint Trade Union Movement and Chief Education and Research Officer of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU).
He holds a Bachelor of Law Degree and an LLM (Masters of Law) with a specialisation in Law and Development from the University of London, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Rights Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Regulations.