Cutlass 25

Issue 25 of Cutlass is now available to download here…

Articles on:

  • Hands off Haïti, Ne touchez pas à Ayiti
  • Communist Party of Kenya Rejects President Ruto’s Proposal to Deploy Kenya Police to Haiti
  • Solidarity with the People of Palestine
  • The Labour Party must restore the whip to Diane Abbott MP
  • Merely closing the borders is not an answer
  • Jamaica teachers (and nurses) leaving in droves
  • Book reviews
    • Nazneen AhmedPathak, City of Stolen Magic
    • Arun Kundnani, What is Anti-racism? And why it means Anti-capitalism
    • Tessa Murphy, The Creole Archipelago: Race and Borders in the Colonial Caribbean
  • Conference Held at Ella Baker School of Organising
  • The Politourgeoisie and Stolen Independence in Barbados