Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the British Labour Party. We think this is a disgrace. Jeremy Corbyn is a member of Caribbean Labour Solidarity. He has spent his life campaigning against racism and in defence of the rights of the oppressed. He has always opposed anti-Semitism, recognising it as a form of racism which should be abhorrent to all on the left.

We totally reject any accusations of anti-Semitism against him, or that the Labour Party was anti-Semitic under his leadership. Despite the headlines and spin put on the EHRC report, we note that the contents overall would not support any such claim.

We stand in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and believe that his record speaks for itself. As … Read on ...

CLS November Meeting – Decolonising the Archive

Caribbean Labour Solidarity is inviting you to a Zoom meeting.

Sunday 1st November, 2020 2:00 PM London

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CLS has worked with “Decolonising the Archive” to produce the Grenada Revolution Archive. We are pleased to have Connie at our November on-line meeting to explain more about their work and how it can be relevant in the current circumstances.

What does the Pan-African archive look like? Sound Like? Feel like? Where does it begin and where are its limits? How is the archive expressed within our own cultural frameworks? Our work explores these questions. Our exploration is creating something beautiful.  We are changing our narrative. History is healing. We cannot decolonise what Read on ...

Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders

Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders
Zoom Launch Meeting
6pm UK time 25th October 2020

To join the meeting register at https://mailchi.mp/ec2d5bd0d24f/d8wvbnnhjy or https://bit.ly/3ifl1TQ

In October 1983 the United States invaded Revolutionary Grenada. They seized the bodies of Maurice Bishop and others who had been killed with him a few days earlier. These they took away. Despite numerous calls, over the years, from the families of the slain, the Grenadian public, Governments, religious and community leaders, the American Government has refused to return the remains.

The US administration’s refusal to act leads us to launch a campaign to force them to explain what they did to them and return the remains of … Read on ...

Cutlass 16

Cutlass 16 is now available to download…

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