“Billy Strachan: Above All Caribbean Man” by David Horsley

Launch of booklet
“Billy Strachan: Above All Caribbean Man” by David Horsley
and C.L.S. fundraiser

Thursday 25th April 6.30-8,30 Henry Twining Court Crescent Lane London SW4 9RP
Eight minutes walk from Clapham Common tube station on the Northern Line
How to get there – map…

Speakers: Chris Strachan, Winston Pinder and David Horsley,

Followed by refreshments and raffle (four great prizes) to raise funds for C.L.S.
For further information contact David 07904955916 and ukdavid.d@gmail.com… Read on ...

Celebrate 40 years of the Grenadian Revolution

Given the small size of Grenada – 133 sq. miles – population of 100,000 – and the lopsided and dependent economy that the British Empire had left on decolonisation, improving the economic performance of the country was always going to be an uphill struggle, with the only bonus being that the elimination of the previous government’s corruption gave an immediate boost to the exchequer.

The Gairy regime had left no database of statistics, indeed there was no mechanism for collecting any statistics. The only possibility for planning was the heavy involvement of the mass organisations, while opening the books to … Read on ...



You can have a look at the videos of the evening here…


Friday 1 March 2019

The Grenada NWO was led by Phyllis Coard who was tasked by Maurice Bishop, the leader of the Grenada Revolution, to build the organisation from scratch. Led by a team of outstanding women, over one-third of all Grenadian women joined more than one hundred NWO groups throughout the country.

In the short 4½ years of the Revo’ the … Read on ...

End The Hostile, Environment End Deportations

Saturday 16 Feb, 12noon -1.00pm
Walthamstow Market Square

Called by Waltham Forest Stand Up to Racism
The law requires that we seek to deport foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK. This ensures we keep the public safe.”
This is how the Home Office justified the forcible deportation of black nationals to Jamaica last week. Anyone who lost a loved one in the Grenfell Tower will know how hollow are the words ‘keeping the public safe’. Cuts to public services, police, fire and emergency services have made us all less safe.
This racist … Read on ...


Join the Picket
12.30-14.00, Thursday Feb.7, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AH.
The Bank of England is holding $1.3 billion worth of Venezuelan gold (31 tonnes) and is refusing to release it to Venezuela, in line with the UK government’s support for the illegal US ‘regime change’ agenda.
Join special guests including Chris Williamson MP at this lunchtime protest on Thursday to call for the Bank of England to give Venezuela back its gold!… Read on ...

Stansted 15

The Stansted 15 are a group of concerned citizens who peacefully stopped a deportation flight to Nigeria and Ghana at Stansted airport on 28 March 2017.

They have now been convicted. The Stansted 15 expected to face retribution for their protest. They never expected to be found guilty of terrorism offences. But on Monday, the group became the first activists involved in a non-violent direct action protest to be convicted under laws that were formulated in response to the Lockerbie bombing.

The group had information of people meant to be on that flight, who would be put in extreme danger … Read on ...

Cutlass 13

Cutlass Issue 13 is now available for download…

Articles on:

  • Glasgow University ‘benefited from slave trade profits’
  • US Invasion of Grenada ­ 35th Anniversary
  • Black Tudors:The Untold Story
  • Nicaragua in the Context of the Failed Coup
  • Pollution threatens the Caribbean
  • Justice for LGBT
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Latin America 2018

The Trump Presidency has overseen a worrying rise in US interventions in Latin America, with the blockade of Cuba being tightened, sanctions threatened on Nicaragua, and Trump pushing for military intervention in Venezuela. But the resurgent right-wing in Latin America is facing resistance, with the Left winning the Mexican election, and trade unionists and popular movements mobilising to defend social progress across the region. Come along to hear eyewitness accounts and get involved in standing up to Trump’s interventions in Latin America.

With contributions from over 50 campaigners, politicians,
trade unionists and academics from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil,
Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, … Read on ...

The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada

Press Release

On October 25th 2018 it will be thirty-five years since the USA and allies invaded the Caribbean island of Grenada, a Commonwealth country with a British Governor General, without the knowledge and against the wishes of the British Government.
Documents recently released under the thirty-year rule show conclusively that the justifications put forward by the United States Government to justify the invasion of this Caribbean island were false and bring into serious question whether the invasion was legal under international law.
The justifications given at the time by the US Government to justify the invasion were: –
1. … Read on ...