Phyllis Coard RIP

Jacqueline Mckenzie writes:

My friend Phyllis Coard, former Minister of Women’s Affairs during the Grenada Revolution, 1979 – 1983, and co founder of the National Women’s Organisation of Grenada has died today at her home in Jamaica aged 73.

Phyllis was one of 17 people and the only woman, convicted of the murder of Maurice Bishop, members of the People’s Revolutionary Government and civilians on October 19 1983 culminating in the illegal invasion of Grenada ordered by US president Ronald Reagan. The trial of the 17 was characterised by errors and widely criticised by legal jurists. She was sentenced to death but was released from prison on compassionate grounds in 2000.

As the only woman, Phyllis was singled out for Read on ...

United States blacklists Cuban bank based in the United Kingdom and blocks its assets

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States government (OFAC) has included the Cuban bank Havana International Bank LTD in its list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN).

The bank, also known as Havin Bank Limited, entered the so-called SDN black-list on Thursday, joining individuals, groups and entities that, according to the US government, could be related to activities such as terrorism or drug trafficking.

As part of the recent listing, the assets of the Cuban entity based in the United Kingdom – with 400 correspondent banks in the world – will become blocked, and from this moment on, US citizens are prohibited from dealing with any of its branches.

Havana International Bank LTD was … Read on ...

Sacking of Long-Bailey

The University and College Union (UCU) branch at the Grand Parade campus of the University of Brighton passed the following resolution, which has been endorsed by the CLS executive:

This branch expresses its dismay that the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Rebecca Long-Bailey, has been sacked for retweeting an article from The Independent, by the actor Maxine Peake, which linked Israeli training to the ‘knee on the neck’ tactic of restraint. The branch notes that this is not an egregious link: the tactic is widespread in its use by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters, and that the training of US law-enforcement officers by Israeli agencies has been in existence for many years. In the circumstances, Peake’s inference is more Read on ...

Cutlass 15

The latest issue of Cutlass, the bulletin of Caribbean Labour Solidarity is now out, download it here…

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