Hands Off Venezuela!

CARICOM has stood firm over the handling of the crisis facing Venezuela. The Caribbean organisation and its 15 members deserve recognition and respect for the historic stand they have taken in defence of democracy in the Americas and should be applauded by all freedom-loving countries.
CARICOM’s position is all the more courageous for the dangers they face from a hostile, erratic and vindictive occupant of the White House. Their common historical experience of enslavement, colonialism and of imperialism’s support for some of the most brutal dictatorships the world has seen in the last century has served to remind them of … Read on ...

Billy Strachan

RAF Officer, Communist, Civil Rights Pioneer,
Legal Administrator, Internationalist and
by David Horsley

A CLS publication
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Billy Strachan was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He arrived in England in March 1940 and joined the Royal Air Force. He became an air gunner and then a flight lieutenant. He returned briefly to Jamaica and then came back to England in 1947. He was a member of the Communist Party and the secretary of the London branch of the Caribbean Labour Congress. He founded a monthly … Read on ...

Billy Strachan – Celebration of the life and achievements of this “Caribbean Man”

Thursday 25th April 2019 witnessed a joint Caribbean Labour Solidarity event with the launch of “Billy Strachan Above All Caribbean Man” and a fundraiser. An estimated fifty people, with ages ranging from teenage to a number of people in their eighties, crammed into the large common room of Henry Twining Court, Crescent Lane, in Clapham.

The meeting was well chaired by Anne Braithwaite who was lucid, well informed and most ably linked the speakers and participants from the audience.

Chris Strachan, eldest son of Billy, deserves great credit for travelling down from Birmingham to speak at the meeting. In a … Read on ...