Stop Rosebank

The #StopRosebank campaign has just launched a court case against the UK government to stop the biggest oilfield in the UK.

As many of you know, #StopRosebank have been organising for the last year to get the government to not approve this humungous oilfield and climate wrecking project. In September it seemed our efforts had gone to waste as the UK gave Rosebank the go ahead, despite knowing that new oil and gas is not compatible with a safe climate or the UK”s climate commitments. However, that is by far the end of it.

Today, #StopRosebank are officially launching not one, but two cases against the UK government. One is being filed by Uplift, and the other by Greenpeace UK. Both will be heard in the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
We will argue that the government has unlawfully failed to assess the emissions generated from burning Rosebank’s oil. We will also argue that Rosebank is not compatible with the UK’s own plans for a safe climate, and that it’s not enough for the government to just say that it is – it needs to prove it.

AMPLIFY: Share this video. We have also created a social media toolkit complete with messaging around the case and graphics to share. Please amplify the video, and take this news as far as possible so the UK government feels the heat from our cases from day one.
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