There is to be a snap election in Britain on 4th July.
Members and supporters of Caribbean Labour Solidarity are involved in a number of radical alternatives to voting for the Labour Party. Our June meeting discussed these initiatives as well as looking at important elections in South Africa, Mexico and India.

  • Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott have long been our friends and comrades, but they have been treated outrageously by the Labour Party bureaucracy.
  • There are many independent socialists standing, including Andrew Feinstein, former ANC Member of the South African National Assembly.
  • The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and
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Book: US ‘back-yardism’ scrutinised

A good old-fashioned spy yarn in the tradition of Graham Greene’s classic Our Man in Havana, reviewed by ROGER McKENZIE in the Morning Star.

With One Hand Waving Free by Ken Fuller
You can obtain it here…

KEN FULLER’S book With One Hand Waving Free is a good old-fashioned spy yarn in the tradition of Graham Greene’s classic Our Man in Havana, but with a clear left-wing bias.

The story revolves around the fictional Caribbean island of Arawak. As someone who has a lineage to the region, after my ancestors were stolen from Africa, the choice of name by … Read on ...

David Denny – Haiti and Barbados

A statement from David Denny, Executive Member for the Barbados Industral and General Workers Union and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration on the situation in Haiti and the recent controversy over the Government of Barbados proposing to purchase land from Richard Drax.

Drax and Reparations – his constituents speak out

Lynne Hubbard, Co-Chair of Stand Up To Racism Dorset speaking at a CLS meeting

Dorset tells Drax – no more profits from slavery

Is Dorset MP Richard Drax about to add to his vast fortune with millions of pounds from sale of land on a former slave plantation? A storm of protest in Barbados has forced the Barbadian government to put on hold plans to buy part of his Drax Hall estate – a deal which would have brought Richard Drax over £3 million.

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The Sale of Drax Hall Plantation

The decision by the Government of Barbados to buy the land of the Drax Hall Estate from Richard Drax MP was very disappointing. The Drax family, who have owned land in Barbados since 1627, grew wealthy on the unpaid labour of 200 enslaved Africans for over two centuries. Those unpaid wages, at today’s prices, amount to £1.5 billion and, add to that, £4,293 12s 6d paid to John Sawbridge Earle-Drax as compensation for the loss of his human property when enslavement was abolished in 1838, worth about £5 million today. The £3 million offered by the Barbados government can therefore Read on ...