We need more voices for Peace

by Jeremy Corbyn

Over the past few months, human beings have been forced to endure a level of devastation that should haunt the world forever. As I write this, 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza. Such is the scale of inhumanity that by the time you have finished this article, that number may already be outdated.

Earlier this year, South Africa launched a case against Israel at the ICJ under the Genocide Convention. I attended the hearing. It was devastating — horror after horror, laid out in plain sight for all to see. The arguments were brilliantly marshalled by … Read on ...

Industrial Relations in the Caribbean – Ozzi Warwick

Leading trade unionist Ozzi Warwick will discuss the radical tradition of trade unionism in the Anglophone Caribbean, positing it as a dynamic theatre of class struggle. He examines the origins and struggles of this tradition, from the rise of the mass movement and its confrontation with capital and colonialism to developments in the ‘post-colonial’ context from the Grenada Revolution to the present day. He will examine current struggles in the face of the ecological crisis and the failures of neoliberalism to deliver for Caribbean workers, and concludes with political options for a paradigm shift in industrial relations in the Caribbean.… Read on ...

Windrush – the Ongoing Scandal

Despite government promises, many people are still suffering the effects of the so-called Windrush scandal. We must not forget these victims of institutional racism.
Speaker: Jerome Bond of Leigh Day Solicitors

Jerome Bond is a Paralegal in Leigh Day Solicitors’ Immigration and Asylum Team where he works on a wide array of immigration, detention and asylum matters with a particular interest in deportation, miscarriage of justice, discrimination and Windrush Compensation cases.
Prior to joining Leigh Day Jerome volunteered at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton during their legal surgeries to support Windrush Compensation scheme reviews as well as for Windrush … Read on ...

Stop Rosebank

The #StopRosebank campaign has just launched a court case against the UK government to stop the biggest oilfield in the UK.

As many of you know, #StopRosebank have been organising for the last year to get the government to not approve this humungous oilfield and climate wrecking project. In September it seemed our efforts had gone to waste as the UK gave Rosebank the go ahead, despite knowing that new oil and gas is not compatible with a safe climate or the UK”s climate commitments. However, that is by far the end of it.

Today, #StopRosebank are officially launching not … Read on ...