Emergency trade union protest rally to ‘protect the right to strike

6pm, 22 May, Parliament Square, London

The TUC and Unions are organising an emergency protest rally in Parliament Square, Westminster, from 6pm, 22 May. The date of the emergency rally coincides with the vote on the Minimum Services Level bill in the House of Commons.

We want MPs to:

  • First and foremost vote to REJECT the whole bill, and at the very least
  • Vote to UPHOLD the four amendments passed in the House of Lords,
  • And if House of Commons passes the legislation and the bill comes into law, MPs should PLEDGE to repeal it at the earliest opportunity, and
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Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean

Caribbean Labour Solidarity is pleased to launch a special issue of the journal Socialist History

Speakers Francisco Dominguez, Ozzi Warwick and Ben Gowland

An update on Latin American PoliticsFrancisco Dominguez

The History of Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean, Ozzi Warwick

Black Power and Socialism in the West Indies, Ben Gowland

Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean has a long history. Its antecedents can be traced to the late nineteenth century. In the 1920s, Caribbean politics were driven by socialist ideas and socialist leaders. By the mid-1930s, powerful mass movements emerged in most territories of the English-speaking … Read on ...

Commemorating Charlie Hutchison and other Black British Communists

10 May 2023 7:00 pm

Our friend and comrade David Horsley will be speaking on
Charlie Hutchison and other Black British Communists
Free to attend, but you will need to register in advance:

At the age of 18, Charlie Hutchison volunteered to join the International Brigades to fight for the nascent Spanish Republic, being the only Black British citizen to do so.

David Horsley (author of Charlie’s biography in ‘Red Lives’ and other publications) will give a commemorative presentation celebrating Charlie’s achievements, as well as those of other Black British communists.

Organised by the Communist Party of Britain