The Drax Family Dynasty and the Business of Slavery

Why Reparations For African Enslavement is a Trade Union Issue
by Steve Cushion

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David Olusoga said:

“The Drax family are one of the few who were pioneers in the early stages of the British slave economy back in the 17th century and, generations later, still owned plantations and enslaved people at the end of British slavery in the 1830s … the Drax dynasty were able to generate extraordinary wealth through the cultivation of sugar by enslaved Africans”

Barbados MP and Special Envoy on Reparations and Economic Enfranchisement Trevor Prescod is asking that Sir Richard Drax return Drax … Read on ...


Caribbean Labour Solidarity takes action

It was reported in the press, radio, television and on social media that Frank Hester, a business person and significant Conservative Party donor, had made the most derogatory remarks about Diane Abbott MP.

Diane is of Jamaican descent; one of the most senior Members of Parliament and one of the first four black and Asian MPs elected to Parliament in 1987, a historical event in UK politics. Her length of service to her constituents and the people of the United Kingdom has resulted in her increasing her majority in every election since first becoming an … Read on ...

Pay Close Attention: The Capitulation of the Haitian State was no Overnight Affair!

Haiti Support Group Emergency Notice

Millions of Haitians are trapped in a very dangerous and tremendously fragile situation right now, caught in the crossfire of a paramilitary power struggle.

Support for Haitian grassroots movements

In this bleak moment, we must remember the efforts of our Haiti Support Group partners, including the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH), the Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA) and Batay Ouvriye. All of these grassroots organisations are working unceasingly to advance society to the betterment of all Haitians while risking their lives for justice. They know, as … Read on ...