Vote Shanell Johnson in Leyton and Wanstead

Caribbean Labour Solidarity supports Shanell Johnson, the Independent candidate in Leyton and Wanstead

As your local Independent Parliamentary ​candidate for Leyton & Wanstead’s MP, I am ​committed to empowering local communities ​and residents. I am an advocate for the ​Assemblies, empowering the local community ​to come together to raise issues, no matter ​how big or small, and build a brighter future.

This is our home, and we will solve problems ​together.

Since 2022, I have been a Councillor. I ​withdrew from the Labour Party as the ​party moved away from my core values. I ​could not stay silent about the indiscriminate ​bombing of innocent children in Gaza, the ​racism, and the abandonment of social values.

Shanell Johnson

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Housing and Development — Leyton and Wanstead faces a housing crisis with high demand and affordability issues.
Health and Wellbeing — Access to healthcare, mental health services, and general well-being are top priorities in Leytonstone.
Crime and Safety — Concerns about crime rates and community safety are significant across all of Leyton and Wanstead.
Education and Opportunities — Quality education and equal opportunities are crucial for residents.
Job Creation and Training — Employment opportunities and skill development are key for economic stability.
Fair Economy – Ensuring economic fairness and support for tower-income households.
Worker Rights — Protecting the rights and conditions of workers.
Environment and Sustainability – Addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.
Green Initiatives – Implementing initiatives for a greener city.
Building an Inclusive Community — Fostering inclusivity and diversity.
Empowering Marginalised Voices — Ensuring all voices are heard and represented using assemblies.
Empowering Our Community — Strengthening community engagement and participation.