There is to be a snap election in Britain on 4th July.
Members and supporters of Caribbean Labour Solidarity are involved in a number of radical alternatives to voting for the Labour Party. Our June meeting discussed these initiatives as well as looking at important elections in South Africa, Mexico and India.

  • Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott have long been our friends and comrades, but they have been treated outrageously by the Labour Party bureaucracy.
  • There are many independent socialists standing, including Andrew Feinstein, former ANC Member of the South African National Assembly.
  • The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will be fielding candidates.
  • Our friends and comrades in Dorset are organising against Richard Drax MP, who still owns a plantation in Barbados – they will be highlighting this link to enslavement and foregrounding the fight for Reparations.

The Caribbean Labour Solidarity executive believes that we can use this opportunity to campaign for Reparations, for justice for Palestine, for workers’ rights and against racism. Opposing the Tories does not mean putting up with whatever rubbish the Labour Party bureaucracy hopes we shall swallow.