Emergency trade union protest rally to ‘protect the right to strike

6pm, 22 May, Parliament Square, London

The TUC and Unions are organising an emergency protest rally in Parliament Square, Westminster, from 6pm, 22 May. The date of the emergency rally coincides with the vote on the Minimum Services Level bill in the House of Commons.

We want MPs to:

  • First and foremost vote to REJECT the whole bill, and at the very least
  • Vote to UPHOLD the four amendments passed in the House of Lords,
  • And if House of Commons passes the legislation and the bill comes into law, MPs should PLEDGE to repeal it at the earliest opportunity, and no later than the first 100 days of a new government.

5.5 million workers have their right to strike threatened because – if this bill is passed unamended – the Minimum Services Level bill will mean that when workers lawfully vote to strike in health, education, fire, transport, border security and nuclear decommissioning sectors, they could be forced to attend work – and sacked if they don’t comply.  Read more  

ACTION: Support and publicise the emergency protest rally

ACTION: Urge your members to sign the petition and add their name to the campaign. The TUC will then send them materials that they can lobby their MP with to ‘beat this bill’.

ACTION: Get campaign updates and download campaign materials, such as artwork for placards.

ACTION: Use #RightToStrike in social media posts.

ACTION: Retweet this tweet to raise awareness of the Emergency Rally