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Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry
Some links to important articles, press reports and statements on the Commission of Inquiry...
We condemn the gunning down of Courtney Crum-Ewing in Guyana
The killing of a political activist in Guyana during the pre-electoral period fuels fear that further violence and limitations to freedom of expression may occur.
Happy Birthday Chelsea Manning
Caribbean Labour Solidarity supported a well attended silent picket to demand the release of Chelsea Manning at St Martins Church, Trafalgar Square, London.
Chelsea is serving a 35-year prison sentence for whistleblowing and revealing to the public that the US army, the CIA and Iraqi and Afghan forces committed human rights violations.
Chelsea released information in the public interest. The crimes she exposed have not been investigated. Call on President Obama to release her.
more details...
Tivoli Gardens Support Committee set up in UK
The "Tivoli Gardens Support Committee UK" has been set up to advance the campaign for justice for the citiizens of Tivoli Gardens in Kinston Jamaica who were the victims of assaults and killings by the Jamaican police and armed forces in May 2010 when they moved in to arrest Christopher Coke, wanted in the USA for drug and arm-trafficking charges.
more details...
Western corporations carve up Africa
A newly released report reveals how the British and American governments are facilitating the corporate takeover of African food systems.
read all about it...
Professor Norman Girvan dies
Jimmy Mubenga
three G4S guards to be charged with manslaughter over 2010 death of Mubenga at Heathrow airport
full story in the Guardian...
Margaretta D’Arcy was released from prison this morning!
Read her statement on release, circulated by Shannonwatch.
Britain announces air passenger duty tax to be reformed next year
“This is a complete victory for the Caribbean, which is charged a higher rate of APD on flights to Barbados than Hawaii and placed the United States at a competitive advantage,” said CTO Chairman, Beverly Nicholson-Doty
Buzz Johnson (1951 to 2014)
It is with sorrow that Caribbean Labour Solidarity has learned of the death of Buzz Johnson, on 11 February 2014. Buzz was a CLS member of more than 30 years standing. His role in CLS, however, was a tiny part of this most progressive Caribbean son’s career. He is better remembered as a progressive political actor, an educator held in high esteem and the founder of the ground-breaking Karia Press, a vitally important UK-based publishing house.
read a tribute to Buzz from CLS...
Marikana Update
Latest from the Commission of Enquiry...
Stop Police Brutality
Reports from Guyana, Jamaica, North London and South Africa
Irish Embassy picket - Demand the immediate release of Margaretta D’Arcy - Wed 22 Jan
Margaretta D'Arcy (a 79 year old suffering from Parkinson's Disease), a very committed anti-war activist, has been jailed for 3 months for refusing to sign a letter to say she will stop protesting at Shannon Airport against its use by the US military.
Sign the petition at...
African asylum seekers in Israel
call for international action outside Israeli Embassies on 22nd January 2014 to demand freedom and mobilize against the arbitrary arrests, imprisonment and inhumane treatment of refugees inside Israel.
see photos of the picket...
Richard Hart (1917 - 2013)
We mourn his passing
Obituary from Luke Daniels, CLS President ...
Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
We remember his sacrifice. But the struggle goes on.
Statement from CLS...
CLS and Global Women's Strike picket the Embassy of the Dominican Republic
On Monday 2nd December a small but lively group picketed the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in London to protest at the decision of the high court of the Dominican Republic to strip citizenship from over 200,000 of its citizens of Haitian decent.
More details...
CARICOM Accused Of Disturbing Inaction And Lack Of Clear Statement on Dominican Republic Citizenship Problem
CARICOM is being harshly criticized by Port of Spain-based academic Norman Girvan, over the Dominican Republic citizenship matter
See more....
From Israeli Citizens:
Please Do Not Legitimize Racism, Occupation and Apartheid - Please Heed Palestinian Civil Society's BDS Call and Do Not Perform in Tel Aviv
More details...
Ballot results in – 70% turnout, 97% yes vote
Outsourced workers employed by Balfour Beatty Workplace (BBW) at the University of London have voted overwhelmingly for strike action as they pursue their goals of recognition, protection for Garden Halls workers and the 3 Cosas.
The ballot results, published today, show a massive 97% vote in favour of strike action, on a huge 70% turnout.
The first days of action have been called for Wednesday 27 November and Thursday 28 November, the first of these being Foundation Day at the University of London, the traditional event when the Chancellor Princess Anne bestows honorary degrees on the great and good.
More details...
Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism (Exclusive FILM)
If you are upset at the way corporations have co-opted Hip Hop and re-sold it in the most racist, hyper-violent, and misogynistic ways possible, then this is a film you must watch. "Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism: Why Corporations Infiltrated RAP Music" is an incredibly powerful and in-depth film focusing on the nefarious role corporations have played in co-opting Hip Hop Music (RAP), suppressing socially and politically progressive messages, while creating and promoting the most racist, misogynistic and hyper-violent images.
Watch it here...
Dominican Republic deprives citizens of basic rights
In late September 2013, the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic made a ruling to deny citizenship to thousands of children, women and men of Haitian origin, many of whose parents were brought to work in the Dominican Republic’s sugar industry, and who would have been registered as Dominican. This ruling cannot be appealed in the Dominican Republic; it is final according to that country’s legal system.
There is a long history of racism, xenophobia and violence directed against Haitians in the Dominican Republic which cannot be disassociated from this latest injustice.
read more and sign the petition
Jessica Huntley
London mourns the passing of one of its inveterate activists in the struggle for social liberation and against racism in schooling and education. Jessica Huntley, co-founder and director of Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications and bookstore in West Ealing, passed away at Ealing Hospital yesterday morning, 13 October, following a short illness. She was 86 last February.
Guardian obituary
Tribute from Gus John
YouTube video - Jessica & Margaret
We mourn the passing of Comrade Hugo Chavez - Letter from the President of CLS
With the untimely death of President Hugo Chávez on 5 March 2013, the world has lost a great working-class visionary. No other leader has come close to delivering for his country’s working people the gains Chavez delivered in fourteen short years in office.

1804caribvoices has arranged an English translation of Jesus Garcia's informative article on initiatives by the late President Hugo Chávez in respect of the Afro-Venezuelans, combating racial discrimination in Venezuela, acknowledging his own African roots and building ties with the African continent. This is a story hardly known in the English speaking world and largely ignored by the mainstream media.
Read the full article...

Grenada Elections – A Sweeping Victory for Mitchell – Ignominious Defeats for Thomas
Whilst it may be too early to work out the direction that Mitchell will take Grenada many believe that his governments will revert to its former efforts namely that of shady dealings and involvement with murky financial overseas characters.
Read all about it...
Suspensions at London Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University has suspended the elected Staff Governor and the Chair of the UNISON branch along with a UCU member, Professor Steve Jefferys, director of the Working Lives Research Institute (WLRI).
Ecuador election: President Rafael Correa wins new term
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has been re-elected for a third term with more than 50% of the vote. His main challenger has admitted defeat.
Addressing his supporters in the capital, Quito, President Correa called for "another four years of revolution".
Read more from the BBC...
Prominent signatories in Britain express support for social progress in Ecuador
Over 70 figures from the world of culture, politics, NGOS, trade unions and academia have backed the statement that describes Ecuador’s Citizens Revolution as “offering an inspiring alternative to the failed policies of neo-liberalism”.
The statement, which is below in full, congratulates the Citizens Revolution for “tackling the deep crisis caused by years of extreme neo-liberal policies forced on Ecuador under the Washington Consensus”.
Letter: Celebrating the Ecuador’s Citizens Revolution
Guyana Trades Union Congress condemns construction site that refuses to employ Guyanese labour
Government's explanation that it is getting a cheaper deal from Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) for the construction of the 197 room hotel in exhange for an all-Chinese staffed building crew has been condemned by the Guyana Trades Union Congress ( GTUC) and the political opposition.
Tony Martin and Mary Turner
Two distinguished scholars of the Caribbean died at the end of January
Caribbean Labour Solidarity mourns their passing and celebrates their contribution
Read more about their contribution:
Tony Martin
Mary Turner
CLS President Luke Daniels has had a meeting with officials of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) and exchanged books with Orlando Scott, Senior Assistant General Secretary of the union. Orlando is pictured here receiving a copy of Richard Hart's latest book
Luke later had a meeting with Sir Roy Trotman, the General Secretary
Read more about the work of the BWU:
  *  BWU to tackle 'anti-union bosses'
  *  Sir Roy wants fairness for all
Mary Seacole
Mary Seacole is not only safe on the national curriculum but has moved from optional learning to mandatory, and it’s all thanks to you. More than 36,000 people signed the petition and this campaign has pushed the Department for Education to confirm that Mary will continue to be an important part of history lessons in our schools.
Read how the Independent reported the victory.
Panel discussion at Dalston CLR James Library - Tuesday 12th February 7pm
Sandals moves into Grenada
Sandals Resorts International (SRI) recently announced the purchase in Grenada of LaSource Resort. The agreement to acquire the resort was reached after discussions with the government of Grenada, which has reportedly agreed to waive the company’s payment of corporate tax for 25 years as well as waiving VAT for 15 years on consumer goods, waiving import duties for 25 years, and also placing a cap on Sandals’ property taxes for 25 years.
Jayne Cortez
The poet Jayne Cortez,whose incantatory performances could be militant, lyrical and surreal, has died aged 78
Read her obituary in the Guardian
John Carlos at RMT public meeting
Further details
Trinidad union calls on Jamaica & Barbados to assist TCL strike
As the strike action continues at Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL), the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) is seeking the support of its counterparts in Jamaica and Barbados to block the company from importing the commodity from its subsidiaries
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Fascists do badly in local council elections
More details on the Unite against Fascism website