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Luke Daniels and Orlando Scott
GTUC Vice Presidents Marlyn Chee-a-tow and Pancham Singh
President Norris Witter and General Secretary Lincoln Lewis

Guyana Trades Union Congress condemns construction site that refuses to employ Guyanese labour

A new Marriott Hotel in Guayana, being built by the Shanghai Construction Group at a cost of US$51 million, intends to only employ non-union Chinese labour.

In the face of a call by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) for Guyanese to be employed in constructing the Marriott Hotel, a senior company official said the use of Chinese labour was the best deal to ensure the project finishes on time, but GTUC General Secretary Lincoln Lewis stated that the reasons given by Privatisation Unit head Winston Brassington for the non-employment of Guyanese were an “outrage.”.

“The Guyana Trades Union Congress is deeply disturbed, highly dissatisfied and cannot and will not rest until there is a reversal of this travesty on the Guyanese people. We shall be mobilising affiliates of the Guyana Trades Union Congress … and all sections of the working people,” said GTUC president Norris Witter.

On 14th february, 50 people picketed outside the Marriott Hotel construction site, demanding that Guyanese workers be employed there.

Caribbean Labour Solidarity wishes to express its support for the stand taken by the GTUC