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Stop Police Brutality

Picketiing the Guayana High Commission
Richard Hart (1917 - 2013)
We mourn his passing
Obituary from Luke Daniels, CLS President ...
* The Torture of a 14 year old boy who was burnt with a flammable substance to the genital area and held in a cell for 4 days without medical treatment.
* The shooting of unarmed protesters in Linden killing 3 and wounding 20<
* The sodomy by baton of 23 year old Colwyn Harding by constable Singh
* The shooting of an unarmed school boy in the school playground by police.
We picketed the Guayan High Comission to demand
~ The arrest and charge of constable Singh.
~ The resignation of Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee and Police Commissioner Leroy Brummell under whose watch these events occurred
Conduct a public enquiry into the policy of police extrajudicial killings in Jamaica now!
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Tivoli Committee statement...
A reminder of the details of the Tivoli massacre...
North London
Lawful Killing
CLS statement on the Mark Duggan Inquest...
South Africa
Solidarity with the Marikana Miners
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