Sir Robert Geffrye and the Business of Slavery

Why the Museum of the Home must remove the statue of Robert Geffrye and make reparations
by Steve Cushion
published by Hackney Stand Up To Racism and Caribbean Labour Solidarity

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The debate over the statue of Sir Robert Geffrye (1613–1703) outside the Museum of the Home in Hackney has opened a window onto the slave trade and its role in the creation of modern Britain. As a successful London businessman and politician, Geffrye’s life well illustrates the early development of capitalism in England and the relationship between the … Read on ...

By Our Own Hands – A People’s History of the Grenadian Revolution

A pamphlet from CLS by Steve Cushion and Dennis Bartholomew may be downloaded here…

Between 1979 and 1983, the people of the Caribbean nation of Grenada made a courageous attempt to overcome the legacy of slavery, British colonialism and a viciously corrupt post-colonial dictatorship.

The tragic last few days of the Revolution have obscured the remarkable achievements of the Grenadian people during the previous four years. In the face of the unceasing hostility of the United States government and its continual destabilisation campaign, the people of Grenada rebuilt their economy with an emphasis on social justice and economic stability rather … Read on ...