CLS congratulates the Colston 4

We join the general rejoicing that the Colston 4, accused of Criminal Damage for being part of the crowd that toppled the statue of slave trader William Colston in Bristol, were acquitted.

CLS members attended the court hearings to bring our solidarity to these courageous comrades [picture below].

Dennot Nyack will speak about the importance of this verdict for civil rights in Britain.

Resist the Legal Attacks

In Britain we are facing three simultaneous attacks in Parliament

  • Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
  • Nationality and Borders Bill
  • Repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Caribbean Labour Solidarity sees these as a linked offensive that needs to be resisted.

We shall have three speakers

  • Nadine Finch – an expert in children’s rights and human trafficking
  • Jacqueline McKenzie – leads a team of lawyers who specialise in immigration and civil rights cases
  • Nicola Harries – legal adviser to Extinction Rebellion