What The Guardian and The Lancet aren’t telling you about the COVID-19 situation in Nicaragua

Statement from the Embassy of Nicaragua

We are deeply concerned at a number of reprehensible and mendacious articles smearing the Government, People and Sandinista Revolution of Nicaragua. These include: “President nowhere to be seen as Nicaragua shuns coronavirus curbs”, (The Guardian, 8th April), “‘Our players are afraid’: Nicaraguan football ploughs on amid the crisis”, (The Guardian, 1st April) and “Love in the time of COVID-19: negligence in the Nicaraguan response” (The Lancet).

The central claim of all three articles is that Nicaragua is out of step with the WHO, that there is insufficient public education about social distancing and hygiene, Read on ...

Global Civil Society Groups Urge Respect for Democracy and Rights in Guyana

World Bank accused over ExxonMobil plans to tap Guyana oil rush
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More than 100 environmental and human rights organizations and eminent persons from around the world issued an urgent statement today expressing solidarity with the people of Guyana in light of the country’s recent elections. It calls for transparency, for all parties to uphold the integrity of the March 2 election outcomes according to applicable law, and for a peaceful transition once an outcome is verified.

Since the March 2 election, there have been numerous procedural irregularities, unexplained discrepancies, threats against impartial observers, and the premature … Read on ...

Bring Rayan Crawford back home to Tower Hamlets

Rayan was deported on Tuesday, 11th February. He is a resident of Tower Hamlets and lived with his partner, Jana, an EU citizen who has Indefinite Leave to Remain, and their two sons, aged three and twelve, both of whom were born in the UK and have British Passports. Rayan was closely involved in his children’s upbringing. The evidence shows ‘separated children develop emotional, behavioural and educational problems, including anxiety, depression and attachment difficulties’. Rayan was deported with no money, no belongings, no medication and no support plan for his medical condition in Jamaica.

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Rayan came over … Read on ...

Latin America on Fire

February 2nd at 12 noon CLS meeting


followed by a report back from CLS General secretary, Cauline Brathwaite on the recent international meeting in Venezuela.