No to the Coup in Bolivia

Caribbean Labour Solidarity condemns the coup in Bolivia that has forced the resignation of President Evo Morales Ayma and Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

We also condemn the interference of the Armed Forces in the political life of Bolivia: the Army and the Police have no solution to offer to the political problems of any country.

Further, CLS rejects any foreign interference that pursues a policy of destabilisation in the region. In particular we call upon the Organisation of American States to cease its blatantly partial interventions in the election process.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades of Bolivia’s … Read on ...

Caribbean Labour Solidarity meeting

Sunday 3rd November at 12 noon

Islington Pensioners Forum
1A Providence Court, Upper Street
London N1 0RN
Next to the cinema


Raphael Andrews – Caribbean Labour Solidarity representative at the Anti Racism and Fascism Day School
Raphael attended the Anti Racism and Fascism Day School organised by the Communist Party of Britain in partnership with the Morning Star. The aim of the Day School was to unite all workers to remember the struggles of the past and to challenge racism and fascism.
He will outline the discussion that took place and the resolutions agreed.

Dennis Bartholomew – Grenada–Forward EverRead on ...