October Meeting – Reparations

The question of Reparations for Enslavement has been in the news lately with the Gladstone family denouncing their “odious” ancestor.

Luke Daniels, President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, recently spoke to a large meeting, in the North of England, of shop stewards and delegates, members of the trade union … Read on ...

Defend Legal Workers and What is Happening in Niger?

Sunday 3rd September 2023

Nadine Finch:

Lawyers who defend the human rights of others are increasingly vulnerable when politicians no longer respect or protect these rights
Lawyers who are themselves from communities whose rights are being denied are particularly at risk, as has been the case in England, Northern … Read on ...

Crofton St. Louis (1940-2023)

Our friend and comrade, Crofton St Louis, Past President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, has passed away.

The late Cde Crofton “Croffie” St. Louis, Grenadian Patriot, internationalist and spirited revolutionary died in his homeland Grenada, yesterday morning at age 83. He was a fierce supporter of the Cuban Revolution; a lifelong … Read on ...