Cultural Resistance – Effective Weapons Against Oppression

Caribbean Labour Solidarity Zoom Meeting – 2pm Sunday May 2nd

The two guests speakers for this meeting are the famous music personalities Dennis “Blackbeard” Bovell and Roger Huddle. They will share their experience of how the state attempted to prevent the cultural expression of discriminated groups being manifested and how these groups used the very culture under attack as a weapon against oppression.

Dennis Bovell was not able to attend the meeting in person, but he gave Dennot Nyack an interview about the Burton 12, some of which was broadcast as part of the meeting. If you wish to view the whole interview, it is here on YouTube…

The Burton 12: On the 13th of October 1974, coming … Read on ...

Assistance Request for St Vincent and the Grenadines

Caribbean Labour Solidarity has received this appeal from the High Commission for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, UK. We would ask you to consider supporting this urgent appeal.

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As you know the activities at the La Soufriere volcano in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have become a matter of serious concern and that the Prime Minister issued an evacuation order for people living around the area of the volcano.  That order affected in excess of 20,000 people.  In less than 24 hours more than 2,000 people entered shelters provided by the Government.  This number will inevitably increase.  These shelters are schools, churches, community centres and hotels.

The evacuation process will increase depending on the intensity of … Read on ...

In Defence of UWI, its Vice Chancellor, and its Reparations Campaign – CLS Statement

You can support this statement here…

Caribbean Labour Solidarity notes the publication of the Report of the UWI Chancellor’s Commission on Governance of the UWI. In particular we note the proposals:
• To abolish the principal locations of democracy within the university such as the financial and general purposes committee.
• The creation of a university executive committee council, which will take charge of the administrative and executive work of the university. The new committee would be headed by the Chancellor of the university, which would mean that the Chancellor would assume the roles of both chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
• To install six advisory committees, to deal with critical issues relating to the university. The body of these … Read on ...

In Defence of UWI, its Vice Chancellor, and its Reparations Campaign

CLS Public zoom meeting Sunday 4th April

David Comissiong, Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM
Another chance to watch the video

Our esteemed colleague David Commissiong, Barbados’ ambassador to CARICOM, will speak on reparations, and current issues affecting the University of the West Indies (UWI).

In solidarity with our colleagues at the University of the West Indies (UWI), we are putting on this event, to discuss the recent failure by the UWI Council, to offer immediate reappointment of current Vice-Chancellor; Professor Sir Hillary Beckles, who is also Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC),.

One of the catalysts for the conversation on UWI, was the previous report from the university, on its governance strategy, to which our colleagues and comrades at … Read on ...