In an unyielding hostile environment, what’s to be done?

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Professor Gus John spoke on on

In a hostile environment in which state racism defines Britishness – what’s to be done?

and a report by Dr Francisco Dominguez on the situation in Latin America

Earthquake in Haiti

A fatal earthquake struck Haiti’s southern peninsula, measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale. Current reports tell us that at least 1,300 people are known to have died died. Thousands have suffered horrific injuries, and more still have seen homes, workplaces and community spaces destroyed.

We have been here before. Those of us close to Haiti will never forget the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed close to 200,000 Haitians. The self-titled international “community” swooped in, promising radical change while it squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in failed and corrupt reconstruction efforts.

As the Haiti Support Group reported:

“Haiti’s apparent fragility to ‘natural’ disaster is no accident. The world made it that way. After the 2010 quake, disaster capitalists promised recovery

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Haiti Support Group AGM

The Haiti Support Group warmly invites you to join us at our annual general meeting to discuss solidarity efforts with the people of Haiti.

Sunday, 1 August 2021 15:00 – 16:30 BST

At this year’s AGM, we will discuss the ongoing unrest in Haiti and how to move forward in solidarity with the people of Haiti. This follows the tragic assassination of Haitian ‘President’ Jovenel Moïse and will be a continuation of conversations started at our Emergency Meeting on Sunday 11 July.

In addition, we will think about ways of celebrating our 30 year anniversary as we move into 2022. As our Exec Member Dr Rachel Douglas has observed, the Haiti Support Group was first established following another major 

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