Resist the Legal Attacks

In Britain we are facing three simultaneous attacks in Parliament

  • Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
  • Nationality and Borders Bill
  • Repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Caribbean Labour Solidarity sees these as a linked offensive that needs to be resisted.

We shall have three speakers

  • Nadine Finch – an expert in children’s rights and human trafficking
  • Jacqueline McKenzie – leads a team of lawyers who specialise in immigration and civil rights cases
  • Nicola Harries – legal adviser to Extinction Rebellion

Cop Out 26 – A response from the Global South

December CLS Zoom Meeting
originally broadcast Sunday, 5th December, 2021 

International lawyer Melinda Janki will discuss COP26 in relation to the Global South, with particular reference to impacts on the Caribbean.

Melinda is currently challenging dangerous deep water petroleum production offshore Guyana. Last year she won a case cutting Exxon’s environmental permits from 23 years to 5 years. In May she filed the biggest climate change case in the world challenging over 4 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution of behalf of a university dean and indigenous youth. Melinda has drafted legislation for environmental protection,protected areas, water management and conservation, and land rights for Amerindian peoples. She is politically independent.

Cutlass 19

Edition 19 of Cutlass is available for download here…

Articles on:

  • Environmental Impact in the Caribbean
  • Climate change: COP26 is ‘make or break’ moment for dozens of island nations – a view from Grenada
  • Return Drax Hall Estate in Barbados –
  • Global Day for Climate Justice
  • Edmonton incinerator – Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protesters block North Circular
  • Digital identity, rights and citizenship in Latin America and the Caribbean: who are we including and who is being left behind?
  • What has the last 50 years taught us since the publication of How the West Indian Child is made educationally sub-normal in the British School System
  • The Police Crime Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill – a view from our friends
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