Reparations – Meeting Bristol’s Responsibilities

A webinar contextualising Bristol’s response to its role in the transatlantic slave trade
University of Bristol and Caribbean Labour Solidarity
Thu, 14 October 2021, 14:00 – 16:00 BST
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ChairJessica Moody, Centre for Black Humanities, University of Bristol, and author of ‘Off the Pedestal: The Fall of Edward Colston‘.

IntroductionBridget Anderson, Director of Migration Mobilities Bristol, University of Bristol.

Keynote speaker: His Excellency David Comissiong, Barbados Ambassador to CARICOM and author of It’s the Healing of the Nation: The Case for Reparations in an Era of Recession and Re-colonisation.


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CLS October Zoom Meeting

Sunday 3 October 2021 at 2pm London time

Latin America: The people retake the offensive against neoliberalism

Speaker: Francisco Dominguez

Francisco Dominguez is the Head of the Latin American Studies Research Group at Middlesex University. He is a specialist on Latin America’s political economy, especially Venezuela and Cuba, about which he has written and published extensively. He is co-editor of Right-Wing Politics in the New Latin America (Zed Books 2013).


Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean

Call for Papers

Organised workers’ movements first appeared as a significant social force in the British Caribbean Region Colonies before the Second World War. Anticolonial movements began to gather momentum in the region around the same time. Socialists and socialist ideas played a significant part in both sets of movements, particularly as they developed and began to see political success in the post-war era. For the most part, these Caribbean socialisms developed organically within their societies, and both their organisational forms and their political ideas often defied the neat categorisations familiar from European socialism: revolutionary or reformist, communist or social-democratic and so on.

To explore the commonalities and differences among the socialisms of the English-speaking Caribbean, their origins, development and Read on ...