Grenada Revolution Archive

By Our Own Hands – A People’s History of the Grenadian Revolution

A pamphlet from CLS by Steve Cushion and Dennis Bartholomew
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Pictures of the Grenada Revolution

You can see a slide-show of pictures of the Grenada Revolution here… [opens in a new window]

Fedon and other PRG Pamphlets
Fedon Publishers was the publishing house of the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada


PRG press statements
A collection of PRG press statements from the UWI Open Campus Library, St Georges.
A hand written index of the press statement collection…the numbers represent the number of the photo.

Other Books and Pamphlets

Women in the Grenada Revolution

Photos, documents and book extracts celebrating the contribution of women…

Other Archives

Jacqueline Creft Collection – A collection of photographs, pamphlets, educational material, newspapers and other documents assembled by Chris Searle during his involvement in the Grenadian Revolution 1979-83