Covid 19 – a CLS public meeting

A Caribbean Labour Solidarity meeting to discuss the effects and political implications of the Covid 19 public health emergency.
Sunday 7 February 2021 at 2pm London time

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Some links mentioned in the meeting:

Meeting Agenda

  1. Report from Jamaica by Paul Ward
  2. Dr. Wayne Mitchell – Senior Teaching Fellow, of the Department of Immunology and Inflammation, at Imperial College London, Dr. Donald Palmer, Associate Professor of Immunology at the Royal Veterinary College and Dr. William Ackah, who is the Senior Lecturer in Black and Community Geographies at Birkbeck, University of London. will speak on:
    • Drug development and safety surrounding this.
    • The biological effect of what vaccines do to your immune system (how these work within your system). With more information on this process.
    • Medical implications/the day-to-day impact of vaccines.
    • The socio-political implications of COVID on the Black/Caribbean community.
    • Social and ethnic inequalities presented by the pandemic.
  3. Zero-Covid Campaign by Hector Wesley, National Officer of Black Activists Raising Against Cuts (BARAC) and a member of the National Executive Committee of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).