Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders

Campaign to Recover the Remains of the Slain Grenadian Leaders
Zoom Launch Meeting
6pm UK time 25th October 2020

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In October 1983 the United States invaded Revolutionary Grenada. They seized the bodies of Maurice Bishop and others who had been killed with him a few days earlier. These they took away. Despite numerous calls, over the years, from the families of the slain, the Grenadian public, Governments, religious and community leaders, the American Government has refused to return the remains.

The US administration’s refusal to act leads us to launch a campaign to force them to explain what they did to them and return the remains of the Grenadian leaders so that they can be given a proper and dignified burial.

We need your help

Sound research has been carried out in Grenada and in the UK into what happened to the bodies of Maurice Bishop and others, we now need as many Grenadians, other concerned persons and organisations as possible to put pressure on the government of Grenada and the US to seek the return of the their remains to enable families and those who care to organise a proper burial and erect a lasting memorial.

We need your help
Join our Zoom meeting to: –

  • hear the backstory;
  • hear from the campaigners, and
  • find out how you can help.

Organised by
The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada (UK), Grenada – Forward Ever and Caribbean Labour Solidarity
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