Meeting on the 1st December 2019

Bolivia: This Sunday’s meeting will be on the recent coup in Bolivia. As stated previously Caribbean Labour Solidarity condemned the coup, which forced the resignation of President Evo Morales Ayma and Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

We also condemned the interference of the Armed Forces in the political life of Bolivia, with no solution to offer to the serious political and economic problems the people. CLS rejected the blatant foreign interference and destabilisation in Bolivia’s internal affairs and stand in solidarity with our comrades of Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism.

There will be a discussion on the current situation in Bolivia and we hope to have a speaker address the meeting.

Caribbean – Passports for Sale: Disturbing news coming out of the Caribbean has shed light on the selling of citizenship to non-Caribbean nationals. This occurs under a variety of titles supposedly related to investments provided by these potential nationals.

The lack of transparency in these arrangements, leading to accusations of corruption and undermining of sovereignty has focused attention on this practice. CLS Executive Committee member Dennis Bartholomew will speak on this subject and will be followed by the showing of a television investigation by Russia Today into the matter.