End The Hostile, Environment End Deportations

Saturday 16 Feb, 12noon -1.00pm
Walthamstow Market Square

Called by Waltham Forest Stand Up to Racism
The law requires that we seek to deport foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK. This ensures we keep the public safe.”
This is how the Home Office justified the forcible deportation of black nationals to Jamaica last week. Anyone who lost a loved one in the Grenfell Tower will know how hollow are the words ‘keeping the public safe’. Cuts to public services, police, fire and emergency services have made us all less safe.
This racist government is trying to make deportation more ‘palatable’ by targeting people who have a criminal record. Yet, as overwhelming evidence shows, the criminal justice system is inherently racist, with black men being 9 times more likely to be jailed than white.
In Walthamstow last week Metropolitan Police and Immigration Enforcement Officers targeted delivery drivers around Hoe Street and Greenleaf Road. Whilst no one was arrested, it is raids like these which can lead to people being detained and deported.
This is just another examples of the government’s hostile environment, which whips up hatred, dehumanises people and denies them basic human rights and access to services.
Join this rally to show that we are united in our community against this racism.
Please ask your community, union or political organisation to support and bring banners!