Healing Africa – the Havana Prescription

A Eureka Films production directed by Tom Fawthrop

To be shown at the next Caribbean Labour Solidarity meeting from 12 noon to 2pm on Sunday 5th August
Islington Pensioners Forum
1A Providence Court,
Providence Place,
London N1 0RN

This film is about Cuba’s special relationship with Africa and how Nelson Mandela appealed to Fidel Castro to replace the exodus of doctors during the post -apartheid era with Cuban doctors who would serve the ideals of a new South Africa

The director Tom Fawthrop will present his documentary with forum to follow

The South African people have just celebrated that 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela on July 17th. Shortly after being released from jail Mandela made it a priority to visit Cuba first despite pending invitations from the US and the UK governments. Addressing a huge mass rally in Cuba on 26 July, 1991 the leader of the ANC proclaimed ‘The Cuban people have a special place in the hearts of the peoples of Africa.’

Cuba provides full medical scholarships for more than 30 out of 54 African states but the biggest single programmer has always been South Africa. Several thousand new doctors have been returned to bolster the SA public health system. This was filmed both in Cuban medical schools and their growing impact on South Africa understaffed and under –resourced public medical services also showing the Cuban medical role in various health emergencies including the Haiti earthquake and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa