Austerity and Policing

Since the 2010, the government have been making cuts in police funding. First it was called “efficiency”, then it was called “saving resources”. The Neighbourhood  police teams were reduced and  the desk sergeants removed in order to to save £260m. After the Conservative  government was elected, they changed the 6% savings into 23% cuts. This meant no more Community Patrol Officers, cuts in admin staff and cut in station police officers. They pushed for  another £450m by selling off police hostels and section houses.
Overall there has been a loss of nearly 20,000 police staff. When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May was asked what she would do about the deaths of young people from knife and gun crime, she told the Police Federation to stop scaremongering. Now that there have been over 50 deaths, both PM,Theresa May and Amber Rudd are blaming social media not the loss of 28,000 police officers.