Cutlass 20

The new edition of Cutlass is now out and can be downloaded here…

Articles on:

  • Against Bauxite Mining in Jamaica
  • High Time for ‘The Republic of Belize’
  • TUC LESE Reparations for Afrikan Enslavement Steering Group
  • Solidarity with the P&O seafarers
  • Death at the Frontier: Border Control, Migration and the Workers’ Movement
  • Sir Robert Geffrye and the Business of Slavery
  • Knife crime, stop and search
  • Report on Chile from Francisco Dominguez
  • Demonstration in Hackney over police strip-search of Black child
  • Exxon-Mobil and Guyana
  • On The March
  • ‘Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery: Origins, impact and legacy’ – book review
  • Decolonising Education
  • Trade union mobilisation in Trinidad