Cutlass 19

Edition 19 of Cutlass is available for download here…

Articles on:

  • Environmental Impact in the Caribbean
  • Climate change: COP26 is ‘make or break’ moment for dozens of island nations – a view from Grenada
  • Return Drax Hall Estate in Barbados –
  • Global Day for Climate Justice
  • Edmonton incinerator – Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protesters block North Circular
  • Digital identity, rights and citizenship in Latin America and the Caribbean: who are we including and who is being left behind?
  • What has the last 50 years taught us since the publication of How the West Indian Child is made educationally sub-normal in the British School System
  • The Police Crime Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill – a view from our friends at Extinction Rebellion
  • Reparations – Meeting Bristol’s Responsibilities
  • Decolonising Education
  • Some dates to Remember