End Violence Against Women and Girls

Luke Daniels, CLS President, will speak on the issues related to the complete removal of (predominately male) violence against women and girls. CLS has consistently campaigned for gender equality.

“With the exclusion of women and girls from everyday activities, due to such violence, there can be no equality and no progress for humanity” stated Luke. “So, it is imperative that society must change. The murders of Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman, Sarah Everard and the recent killing of Sabina Nessa has focused a light on this tragedy. We hope that our meeting can, in some way, contribute, towards stopping such killing and anti-women violence in general”.

Our guest speaker will be Nichole McGill–Higgins (She/Her); BA (Hons) MA;

Nichole is an award-winning campaigner, coach, consultant and motivational speaker on race equality and inclusion. Nichole is a Trustee for Rape Crisis Centre (RASASC), a South London charity, focusing on anti-racism and transgender rights, where she leads on their D&I strategy, underpinning the support offered to survivors, employee engagement and corporate governance.

She is the founder of diversity and inclusion consultancy, Changez.Life, which focuses on belonging, equality, equity and behavioral change via a coaching and co-creation methodology. She is also an Associate Consultant for the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development. Nichole was named ‘Campaigner of the Year 2020’ by The Baton Awards for her outstanding contribution to racial equality, working with young people and organisations. Further to this, Nichole is a former Co-Chair of the CIPD’s EmbRACE employee resource group, dedicated to educating colleagues about race and opening up difficult conversations.

Nichole will speak on the importance of creating a global space of safety for women and girls, and will bring her considerable experience to the discussion.’