October Meeting – Reparations

The question of Reparations for Enslavement has been in the news lately with the Gladstone family denouncing their “odious” ancestor.

Luke Daniels, President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity, recently spoke to a large meeting, in the North of England, of shop stewards and delegates, members of the trade union UNISON. Luke will give a report of this important meeting and an update on the campaign as well as reminding us of the arguments for Reparations.

demanding the removal of the statue of enslaver William Beckford from the Guildhall in London produced a lively discussion. Steve Cushion will explore the … Read on ...

Defend Legal Workers and What is Happening in Niger?

Sunday 3rd September 2023

Nadine Finch:

Lawyers who defend the human rights of others are increasingly vulnerable when politicians no longer respect or protect these rights
Lawyers who are themselves from communities whose rights are being denied are particularly at risk, as has been the case in England, Northern Ireland and internationally

Frank Murray:

A recent coup removed Niger’s pro-Western leader president Mohamed Bazoum. France and the US, who have considerable military forces in the country, are at the head of NATO members who want him restored. They will rely on the military and economic strength of Nigeria, … Read on ...

Windrush and the Hostile Environment

Gus John – “Covid Pandemic – Black Deaths; Windrush Epidemic – Blacks in Denial”

Professor Gus John is a lifelong campaigner for children’s education rights, a visiting professor at Coventry University and associate professor at the UCL Institute of Education.

Steve Cushion – “Trade Unionists against the Hostile Environment”

Steve Cushion is a member of the University and College Union (UCU) and the Executive of Caribbean Labour Solidarity (CLS). He is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL.

GET OUT (The Windrush Song) – Crusoe [Lyric Video]


Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean

Caribbean Labour Solidarity is pleased to launch a special issue of the journal Socialist History

Speakers Francisco Dominguez, Ozzi Warwick and Ben Gowland

An update on Latin American PoliticsFrancisco Dominguez

The History of Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean, Ozzi Warwick

Black Power and Socialism in the West Indies, Ben Gowland

Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean has a long history. Its antecedents can be traced to the late nineteenth century. In the 1920s, Caribbean politics were driven by socialist ideas and socialist leaders. By the mid-1930s, powerful mass movements emerged in most territories of the English-speaking … Read on ...