End Violence Against Women and Girls

Caribbean Labour Solidarity Zoom Meeting
2pm 7th November 2021

Free to attend, but registration required: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAlcu-srjgiGNIipYPx-PDjL0X-cgW9uThz

Luke Daniels, CLS President, will speak on the issues related to the complete removal of (predominately male) violence against women and girls. CLS has consistently campaigned for gender equality.

“With the exclusion of women and girls from everyday activities, due to such violence, there can be no equality and no progress for humanity” stated Luke. “So, it is imperative that society must change. The murders of Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman, Sarah Everard and the recent killing of Sabina Nessa has focused a light on this tragedy. We hope that our meeting can, in some way, contribute, towards stopping such killing and anti-women violence … Read on ...

Jovenel Moïse Assassination

Press Release from our friends in the Haiti Support Group:
Jovenel Moïse Assassination

The Haiti Support Group is shocked and saddened to learn of the assassination of Jovenel Moïse at his private residence in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The latest reports confirm that his wife Martine Moïse remains in a critical condition, having been airlifted to Florida for treatment yesterday. You can watch our interview with SKY as this news broke here.

Moïse was not president-elect and continued to cling onto power despite his term having expired in February this year. He had been ruling Haiti by decree since 2018.

For years, our partners in Haiti have warned of the steady erosion of civil rights in Haiti, … Read on ...

CLS Meeting 4th July – Solidarity with Haiti

San jistis pa gen lapè

Speaker Shodona Kettle Chair of the Haiti Support Group

Ayiti, The Pearl of the Antilles, famed for the 1791-1803 Revolution, abolition of the enslavement of Africans and their descendants on the island, and resistance of its people, is in a social, political, and economic bind.
In this presentation, I aim to shed light on the historical context that has led to contemporary events in Haitian politics and society. Further, thanks to conversations with Haitian civil society actors on the ground, I will introduce thoughts on the different ways in which the international and transnational community can work in concert with Haitians to bring about true democratic and social change.

Shodona Kettle is the current … Read on ...