Cape Coast Castle to Colston

The Arc from Kidnapping to Enslavement, Toppling, Renunciation and Reparations

Zoom meeting held on Sunday 8th May

On 7 June 2020, the people of Bristol came together and toppled the statue of the notorious kidnapper of Africans, Edward Colston, into the Avon River. This was after many years of campaigning for its removal from the city centre. The horror of this so-called “trade” is something that haunts the descendants whether in the Caribbean, the Americas or UK.

The deliberate torture of the process of enslavement began before the kidnapped were trafficked across the Atlantic. This resulted in the capture and killing of more than over 200 million Africans, a holocaust resulting in the economic and psychological damage to the descendants … Read on ...

Hands off Cockpit Country

CLS public zoom meeting on Sunday February 6th

The mining of Bauxite in the Cockpit Country, is being resisted by the Maroons of Jamaica, who view the destruction of the Cockpit, as an environmental disaster for their sacred homeland.

Speaker Marc Wadsworth

The Jamaica Environment Trust has published A Multidisciplinary Review of the
Bauxite-Alumina Industry in Jamaica.
The full report may be downloaded here… and the executive summary here…

Marc is a descendant of Queen Nanny of the Maroons, he visited the area
after the hurricane in 1988 and helped raise relief funds for the community.

He is an experienced politician, journalist, campaigner and film maker for the BBC. He is a founder member of Black Sections (caucus) within … Read on ...

End Violence Against Women and Girls

Luke Daniels, CLS President, will speak on the issues related to the complete removal of (predominately male) violence against women and girls. CLS has consistently campaigned for gender equality.

“With the exclusion of women and girls from everyday activities, due to such violence, there can be no equality and no progress for humanity” stated Luke. “So, it is imperative that society must change. The murders of Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman, Sarah Everard and the recent killing of Sabina Nessa has focused a light on this tragedy. We hope that our meeting can, in some way, contribute, towards stopping such killing and anti-women violence in general”.

Our guest speaker will be Nichole McGill–Higgins (She/Her); BA (Hons) MA;

Nichole is an … Read on ...