September CLS Meeting

Sunday 1st September – 12 noon
1A Provident Place, Islington, just beside the Screen on the Green

Sister Haja Salafu – of the Salafu Dagarti Foundation (SDF)  the foundation helps people of African descent fight against poverty. The Charity works on 3 continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Sister Haja has spent a considerable time working with the Siddi people of India, a marginalised community and forgotten group of people of African ancestry whose rights are often overlooked.
Cikiah Thomas – Co Chair of the Global African Congress (GAC) since its inception in 2002, he is a local Trade Union
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Speaker from the Brazil Solidarity Initiative

CLS Meeting, Sunday 4th August at 12 noon till 2pm
Speaker from the Brazil Solidarity Initiative

Islington Pensioners Forum
1A Providence Court,
Providence Place,
London N1 0RN

The Brazil Solidarity Initiative is a campaigning organisation in support of social progress, democratic rights and equality in Brazil.

Following the 2016 parliamentary coup, and the subsequent election victory of extreme-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, that have placed over a decade of social progress under threat in Brazil, our campaign works to provide information on the political crisis; and to support and provide links with trade unions and social organisations in Brazil with progressive Read on ...


VSC has produced a new in-depth briefing The Effects of the Economic Blockade of Venezuela, which explains the devastating impact of the illegal sanctions in detail. Please read and download it here, and also retweet our accompanying graphic here.

Additionally, we would recommend you read this report here by respected US economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs on how Venezuela is a case of economic sanctions being used as collective punishment, and also watch this video of Mark Weisbrot arguing that denying the impact of the sanctions “is like climate denial” here.

Trump and those who … Read on ...