Statement from “Operation Safe Space” on the Government Industrial School in Barbados

I started serving as the deputy chair of the Government Industrial School in Barbados (called the GIS), on the appointment of the Governor General and at the pleasure of the Minister responsible for reformatory schools on August 1, 2018. I must admit that although by that time I had been working with women and girls’ advocacy for just about 18 years I did not know much about the school. Every child who grows up in Barbados will get a threat or two about being sent to the school for being ‘own way’ but the truth is not many people who grow up in middle or upper class Barbados will ever interact with the institution.

The Government Industrial School was opened … Read on ...

Hands off British Virgin Islands

The British Governor of the British Virgin Islands (BVI)– one John Rankin — selected a British Judge — one Justice Gary Hickinbottom–to constitute the sole Commissioner of a Commission of Inquiry into alleged corruption and mismanagement by the elected indigenous Governing Administration of the BVI.

The British Judge has now issued a Report in which he is claiming that he found much evidence of corruption and maladministration being practiced by the elected governmental administration, and he has recommended that the Constitution of the BVI be suspended, its elected government dissolved, and that the territory be ruled from London for a period of time.

In other words, a disbanding of the existing electoral and democratic processes, and a return to full … Read on ...

Nicaragua & Child Q (Hackney) – CLS Meeting

Guisell Morales Echaverry, Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua, who will update us on the recent Sandinista victory at the polls, despite the intense corporate news campaign of misinformation on Nicaragua and highlight some of the gains of the Nicaragua revolution.

Professor Gus John, will deliver a talk on recent matters in Hackney:
After Child Q, how do we protect our children?

For generations our children have been criminalised by police on the streets. They are now increasingly criminalised by teachers in schools who, rather than acting ‘in loco parentis’, flagrantly disregard their duty of care to children and trample upon their rights. What’s to be done?