Hands off Cockpit

CLS public zoom meeting on Sunday February 6th at 2pm London time.

Admission free, but you must register in advance: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqd-uhrDktGNMdMe6PIA69dg30jzG1Ox05

The mining of Bauxite in the Cockpit Country, is being resisted by the Maroons of Jamaica, who view the destruction of the Cockpit, as an environmental disaster for their sacred homeland.

Speaker Marc Wadsworth

Marc is a descendant of Queen Nanny of the Maroons, he visited the area
after the hurricane in 1988 and helped raise relief funds for the community.

He is an experienced politician, journalist, campaigner and film maker for the BBC. He is a founder member of Black Sections (caucus) within the Labour Party, first tabled in 1983. He co-founded the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA) in 1991, … Read on ...

CLS congratulates the Colston 4

We join the general rejoicing that the Colston 4, accused of Criminal Damage for being part of the crowd that toppled the statue of slave trader William Colston in Bristol, were acquitted.

CLS members attended the court hearings to bring our solidarity to these courageous comrades [picture below].

Dennot Nyack will speak about the importance of this verdict for civil rights in Britain.