The unacceptable defaming of our UWI

Letter from Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM, David Comissiong to Kaieteur News and other newspapers

Dear Editor,

Kaieteur News – Alumni of the University of the West Indies (UWI) – like myself – are still trying to make sense of the peculiar editorial that appeared in Barbados’ Nation Newspaper of March 11, 2021 under the headline “Time for Change,” and that constituted such a grossly exaggerated, unctuous and farfetched attack on our University, that some of us feel duty bound to respond in writing.

Also adding to the “strange” nature of the editorial was that it actually featured a portrait type photograph of the personality that the editorial writer outdid himself in portraying as a “white knight in shining armour” who … Read on ...

United States blacklists Cuban bank based in the United Kingdom and blocks its assets

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States government (OFAC) has included the Cuban bank Havana International Bank LTD in its list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN).

The bank, also known as Havin Bank Limited, entered the so-called SDN black-list on Thursday, joining individuals, groups and entities that, according to the US government, could be related to activities such as terrorism or drug trafficking.

As part of the recent listing, the assets of the Cuban entity based in the United Kingdom – with 400 correspondent banks in the world – will become blocked, and from this moment on, US citizens are prohibited from dealing with any of its branches.

Havana International Bank LTD was … Read on ...

Andaiye (11 September 1942 – 31 May 2019)

It is with deep sadness that we inform our members and supporters of the death of one of the Caribbean greats – Andaiye, who died on 31 May in Georgetown, Guyana.

She was a stalwart of the working people of Guyana and the Caribbean and one of the founding members of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA)of Guyana. We were very honoured to have her in London for a short while in the 1990s engaging with the work of the WPA support group.

Condolences to Abyssinian her brother and to all her close friends and comrades, including Jocelyn, Alissa, Karen, Vanda, Danuta, Rupert, Donald, Alissa, Bonita, Selma, Pauline, Margaret, Leyland, Anne, Nadine, Ra, among the many who mourn her.

CLS will … Read on ...

The Committee for Human Rights in Grenada

Press Release

On October 25th 2018 it will be thirty-five years since the USA and allies invaded the Caribbean island of Grenada, a Commonwealth country with a British Governor General, without the knowledge and against the wishes of the British Government.
Documents recently released under the thirty-year rule show conclusively that the justifications put forward by the United States Government to justify the invasion of this Caribbean island were false and bring into serious question whether the invasion was legal under international law.
The justifications given at the time by the US Government to justify the invasion were: –
1. That the request for intervention had been made by the then Governor General of the island, Sir Paul Scoon,
2. … Read on ...